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The Happier Hour

Nov 29, 2018

Are fiestas an answer to combating loneliness? In this episode you’ll learn what the poet and diplomat Octavio Paz can teach us about belonging and why philosophy professor Daniel Campos believes partaking in revelry is especially important for immigrant communities. #thehappierhour Show notes:

Nov 26, 2018

Can nostalgia help us be happier? In this episode you’ll learn the difference between good and bad nostalgia according to Russian philosopher Svetlana Boym, and how a toy cotton candy machine became a side hustle for the founders of Not Your Average Cotton. #thehappierhour Website: 

Nov 21, 2018

In this Q&A episode with all three guests on the topic of DISCOVERY you’ll learn: Does taking a cruise count as traveling? What does consciousness have to do with social media? What knowledge is needed to discuss philosophy? What is luck? Which books have had the biggest impact? #thehappierhour...